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jeanniNe a.k.a. JJ ([personal profile] buginarug) wrote2013-02-03 04:16 pm
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vanity post

[personal profile] backflash did a vanity post awhile back, and i've been meaning to put one together, cuz since i've stuck with a younger age, my looks have changed some.

15-year-old female
very short
4'9" in height
kinda lacking in muscles
boyish body
not curvy

cool skin tone
pale with pink undertones
burns instead of tanning
no freckles or moles
none of the body's scars

women's size 5 feet
toes not bent by tight shoes
slender hands
short stubby fingers
fingernails cut really short
no visible veins

ice blue eyes
average shaped eyes
light colored eyelashes
thin light eyebrows

heart-shaped face
thin pale pink lips
snub nose
slightly sticking out ears
attached earlobes

white blonde hair
maybe an inch or two long
curly or spiky or both
worn natural or spiked with gel

exposes as much skin as possible
dresses femme
prefers teenage girl clothes

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