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Name:jeanniNe a.k.a. JJ
hey there! i'm jeanniNe (a.k.a. JJ) and i'm a teenage gender-switcher, but i'm good with female pronouns.

my labels/types are: genderswitch, teenager, pansexual, enneagram 7w8, mbti ESxP, extrovert, apatheist, liberal, troublemaker, and crazy. sometimes i can be selfish and insensitive, but i totally think i make up for it with my other delightful traits! *wink* i'm really into meeting/talking to people, going places, doing things whenever i can, watching tv, and making diagrams of everything.

i'm bipolar type i (296.65) & i'm co-host of a 25y/o ddnos/did (300.14) plural system. my system is represented in the bar below. (pics here!)

anything else you wanna know? just ask! i love answering questions too. and if you wanna add me to your circle, i would LOVE to add you back! *grin*

i was formerly tongue_fu, btw.

MuC N--# [f;a/f/m/o/h/*] S.H+/A/N/H&M/Sd~H~L A(b r---!/) Os Wf^ Cc I- OF(r- o+) P# Fa^+/~^/eb/?+ T--- Xa(a/p/s/g) Jx~/s Do R-- C+++ S(--/++)
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androgynous blond person looking in mirror
dark-haired young person biting a fingernail
person wearing a tie and a hat covering the face
back of a dark-haired man looking out starship window
man with arms outspread and face to the sun
bright green blades of grass
half of person's face with a bright blue eye
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