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jeanniNe a.k.a. JJ ([personal profile] buginarug) wrote2011-06-10 07:51 pm

[pics] yummy beef stew

ok, i got around to it. cooking lessons MY WAY - with pics! so i present...spezzatino con patate!

welcome to our fridge. that's my soda on the top left (i'm the only one who loves it). that metal bowl with the weird lid? chocolate cookie dough! XD
[01] the fridge

oh, right, cooking.

here we see the meat. mmm, red meat.
[02] meat package

[04] ingredients
you can tell it's not a fancy recipe when all the ingredients fit in one pic, eh?

i peeled the carrots without damaging myself. XD
[05] carrots

....but i can't say the same for the onions
[06] carrots and onions
yea, they're already sliced in the pot. i was too busy stabbing my finger with the knife to take a pic of that. *eyeroll*

cook the sliced carrots & onions in oil in a pot. meanwhile....

i survived slicing the meat! i was told it needs to be in tiny pieces, i hope these are tiny enough!
[07] meat cut

here's the stock i boiled over (hth is it possible to boil over water in a tea kettle???) and the flour for the meat
[08] the stock

[09] floured meat
i rolled the pieces in peppery flour and dropped them in an oiled frying pan

and seared them!
[10] seared meat
i never knew what seared meant till tonight.

then i put it all together in the carrot&onion pot with bay leaves
[11] in the pot

interlude: the stew simmers with the lid on for 1hr. i get bored. then finally i see that it's time to start....

peeling and slicing the potatoes! (lucky you, you missed the pics of carrot and potato peelings in the sink)
[12] raw potatoes

i put the sliced potatoes in the pot of water, boil it, let it boil 5minutes, and then:
[13] cooked potatoes

they're not done of course, so i put them in with the stew and simmer 15mins TILL:

[14] all done

that was 2hrs+ cuz i spent so much time snapping pics. *grin*