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jeanniNe a.k.a. JJ ([personal profile] buginarug) wrote2012-02-29 10:23 am

the cellar

a couple nights ago, ^merrick came into our house and bypassed the front room to land in a cellar that most of us didn't know exists. me & ^kv had to go rescue her. fortunately it wasn't the sub-basement where every time you go down there, a little voice whispers 'it's creepy down here'. the voice makes me shiver EVERY time. course maybe it was worse cuz nobody knew it was there till a couple nights ago.

anyways, we've been reading garth nix's old kingdom trilogy, which is having some unusual results. there's a scene in sabriel where mogget is released into his free magic form, and that image was appropriated by ^isah, who's now declaring herself a powerful creature of free magic. yea. and inside she CAN be that.

so......free magic ^isah trapped ^merrick in the mysteriously appearing cellar. we ALL thought ^isah had changed, i mean she SAID she was redefining herself cuz our situation changed since last time she was needed, but i guess change is hard?