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jeanniNe a.k.a. JJ ([personal profile] buginarug) wrote2012-04-24 06:27 pm


so i know i said i'd be back to my usual positive self today....but i'm not.

basically, in programming logic class ^merrick came to the realization that ^isah has been trying to make us fail. yea. she totally screwed us over!

the textbook prolly could've helped us do the assignments, but the textbook never got read cuz whenever ^merrick thought of reading it, suddenly the thought would disappear and she'd be doing something else. it's one of those you-don't-remember-you-don't-remember types of amnesia, so it never occurred to us that something was missing till the prof said something today & another student showed ^merrick his textbook. then.....DING!

even better, apparently we were supposed to do these online tests on the textbook every week, but none of us ever remembered thinking about those tests, so i guess we missed about 1/2 of them, and there's no makeup tests.

body-mom thinks we should try to take an incomplete for the course, but the term ends on thursday, and i dunno if we can get an incomplete that fast — or if we can get an incomplete AT ALL. after all, yunno, what do we say?? we don't have the disability office behind us this time. so......i really dunno what we're gonna do.