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if i had a superpower, it would be shapeshifting. we'd be able to shift between the forms the insiders take.

i'd turn into a 15y/o girl 4'9" and skinny with ice blue eyes and spiky white-blond hair. i think i'd hafta shift clothes too, so i'd wear shorts and an orange tank top and some of those new athletic toe shoes.

^kv would turn into a 30y/o male 6'1" with dark hair and dark-dark brown eyes, he'd be really masculine and well built and he'd have that powerful, dark and smoldering with sexuality look except people would see that he'd never deign to involve himself with THEM. inbuilt arrogance all the way! i guess he'd wear some kind of uniform that gave him authority.

^wyatt would turn into a man in his 20s, 5'9½" and lean/muscular with longish wavy brown hair and stormy (he likes that description!) bluegreen eyes. [actually if you read his journal, he's got this really long vanity post where he describes himself in detail....!] the clothes he'd shift to would be business formal with a nice tie.

^isah would turn into an androgynous 17y/o, 5'7½" with one amber eye & one turquoise, faux hawk hair that's light blond with chocolate brown patches. clothes would be cargo shorts and a hoodie sweatshirt.

i think ^merrick would look a lot like the body now but with gray eyes and smaller boobs. *grin*
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That would be the most wonderful superpower, wouldn't it! I love that I got to read how you all look via this post, too.