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jeanniNe a.k.a. JJ ([personal profile] buginarug) wrote2012-08-31 01:35 pm
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everybody sorted!

so i made EVERYBODY do the harry potter sorting hat test and get scored. here's our scores....

JJ: slytherin (56%)
merrick: squib
wyatt: hufflepuff (66%)
kv: slytherin (48%)
isah: gryffindor (48%)

i was SURE ^kv was gonna be in gryffindor, but he just BARELY got slytherin. & i NEVER woulda guessed gryffindor for ^isah! huh. we're quite the bunch.

amusingly only 1 of us would turn in the $20 in Q2. & i bet you can guess which one! *laugh* and NONE of us chose 'true' for Q8.