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jeanniNe a.k.a. JJ ([personal profile] buginarug) wrote2012-11-22 04:04 pm
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quest for the corn

so mom is making scalloped corn and she looks in the cupboard to find.....

mom: 'oh no! we don't have any canned corn!'
*everyone rummages thru the cupboards; there is no corn*
me: *calls the grocery store* 'are you open this evening?'
store: 'we close in 10 minutes.'
me: 'ok, thanx.' *to mom* 'they close in 10 minutes'
mom: 'we'll be there in 5!'

we got back from the grocery store in 8 minutes with a couple cans of corn.

also....happy thanksgiving to everybody who celebrates it! :)
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[personal profile] unseelieboy 2012-11-23 08:52 am (UTC)(link)
Corn emergency! Glad you were able to grab some in the nick of time.

Also, what is scalloped corn?

Happy thanksgiving! *hug*