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so yesterday was eventful! ^kv & ^merrick went to government class and did this little presentation of proposal 3 to the whole class. it went SUPER well!

another classmate group's proposal was to stop the 'emergency manager' law. for anybody who doesn't know, an 'emergency manager' is somebody appointed (usually by the governor) to take the place of an elected official when a district is failing. anyways, that doesn't REALLY matter here, and i DON'T wanna discuss politics, but the definition matters later, k?

so then ^wyatt & ^merrick go to algebra class and everything's generally ok till the prof tries to get everybody into groups and ^wyatt can't handle it and they dissociate and ^THE PLANT shows up. the prof can't get the plant to respond (duh!!) so she calls security and this campus police officer comes in and escorts whoever's at the front to this little backroom in the library.

we got asked a TON of questions and ^merrick kinda came back to answer them. she finally said something about dissociation and the security guy doesn't know what that means, and ^merrick's attempts to define it make him think psychosis which is BAD cuz if he thought we were psychotic, we woulda gotten paramedics and emergency room and ALL that stuff we REALLY didn't want/need. SOOOO finally ^merrick mentions multiple personality disorder and he GOT that, so yea.

um.....so he makes all these offers of calling people and we SRSLY just wanna leave cuz a reasonable insider was at the front so everything really was ok, but he lets us go eventually. ^merrick talked to the prof and she recommended a 'special services' letter, which we were like: 'yea, i'm working on getting one, but it isn't ready yet.' (we're gonna email the psychologist TODAY and ask her to have the letter ready by our appt next monday....yeesh!) but she's gonna be careful about assigning us into groups now, which will be good but srsly.....

later on we were talking to mom and we thought of something. our 'emergency manager' generally ends up being ^the plant, which is only SLIGHTLY better than ^pretty little beast, so we TOTALLY need to appoint a decent emergency manager. ^merrick thinks it should be ME. we're gonna have an inside meeting to discuss it, but i bet I'M gonna be our emergency manager.

i'm awesome like that.

messed up

Apr. 23rd, 2012 11:57 am
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^webber is taking ^kv's place as 3rd primary frontrunner. brings back memories, yunno, like of how things were years back. *sigh*

problem with this is now we don't have the same type of 'protector' right up at the front so much....so the 'protector' that shows up when the system thinks it's needed is NOT necessarily the RIGHT one. like ^the plant coming out at office hours or ^plb coming out ANY time.

why is everything getting SO messed up....??
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we got signed up for 2 classes in the fall. even better, i get to participate in one! we're getting interpersonal communication & conversational sign language. the sign language will be good for ^plb AND ^helen AND ^the plant cuz they all get overwhelmed with speaking out loud sometimes. the interpersonal communication is MINE.....ok, i'm sharing it with ^helen and i'm NOT letting ^kv steal it from me.

ahhhh i can't wait to meet people as ME! i'm gonna tell the prof and classmates to call me 'jeanniNe' even tho that's not the name on the class list. oooooh! i'm so excited! xD
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JJ / jeanniNe
manic-volcanic teenage genderbender. bipolar 1 (hypo)manic/mixed. outgoing, ESxP/7, people lover! this is MY journal so i don't really need to introduce myself more than i already did in my profile. i'm co-host of the system and one of the primary 3 frontrunners.

early 20s, asexual bigender. bipolar 1 mixed/depressed, ddnos/did. total introvert INFP/4w5. formerly known as ^helen who's formerly known as ^laur. obsessed with writing and languages. on course in college for a computer support tech 2yr degree, in which the main frontrunners will participate. co-host/one of the primary 3 frontrunners.

kendrick victor / KV
adult male, very type 8, hard to get along with but prolly good for the group. committed to actually doing something. math/science guy, powerful, forceful. likes coffee, green tea, and things that occupy his brain. frequently engages in schadenfreude. formerly a fiction-oriented split from 'star trek: voyager' but decided to forsake that fictional source and reclaim his original place in the system. self-appointed commander of the system. ha!

perpetually 17, intersex, free magic creature with the other form human with chimerism and chimera otherkin. former protector. 9w8 closest. strong with a sense of humor, but troubles with anger and disloyalty. has existed as long as ^JJ. in the process of redefining herself after a long dormancy in which our whole situation changed.

male with a feminine side, late 20s to 30yo, enneagram 6/ISxJ, quiet, not sure about trusting people with anything more detailed....yeayea

7y/o boy, quiet, likes crafts (crayons, collage, clay, etc.) and plants/gardening

the plant
yea, it's a shapeshifting semi-sentient plant. age & gender uncertain. protector. how better to protect yourself than turning into a tree??

pretty little blue-eyed beast / pretty little beast with blue eyes
child human (4 to 5yrs old) with bright blue eyes. acts like an animal, outside either deaf or severe auditory processing problems, throws tantrums, bites the body's wrists and forearms at night leaving bruises, very likely autistic. likes weather & dinosaurs


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jeanniNe a.k.a. JJ


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